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How to install MDLab software





Memory: 4 GB RAM

Hard disk: 20 GB available disk space

Display: 1280 x 800 screen resolution

Graphics: GPU card with openGL capabilities (v. 3.3 or higher)

Operating system: 64 bit Windows OS

Java: Java virtual machine 64 bit v.1.8 or higher





To install the MDLab software in your computer follow these instructions:

1. run the Setup.exe

2. read and accept the license agreement

3. choose the installation type (between Full, Compact or Custom). In case of the first installation of the software, the Full installation is strongly recommended (it will install all third part components required to run MDLab software: Matlab Runtime, Visual C++ 2012 and 2013 Redistributable, Intel Redistributable). If the MDLab software is already installed on your computer, the Compact installation can be used. In this case the software will be updated by the new installation (note that all the third part components MUST be already installed).

4. once the installation is completed, the software has to be activated (see below)






To activate your MDLab installation follow these instructions:

1. place the license file (typically MDLab.lf) in an appropriate folder. In case of a network license activation the file has to be placed on a network folder with read/write permissions that will be accessible to all users (every user has to install the software on his/her  computer and load the license file from the network folder). In case of a single workstation activation it is suggested to place the license file in the installation folder.

2. when running the software for the first time after the installation/update you will be asked for the license file that has been provided together with the installation package: select it from the folder where you previously saved it (see 1.)

3. once the license file has been correctly loaded, the software will display two user codes required for the activation process: send them to the contact specified in your order form or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. enter the activation code(s) that will be provided to you by mail (within 48 hours with the exclusion of official holidays and festivities). The MDLab software installation/update will now be activated and ready to use